Monday, March 10, 2008

I Really Need to Stop Going Weeks Between Posts

Geez I have really been lazy about keeping this blog updated recently. After logging in just now, I have become aware that the last time I updated was last Monday.

Throughout the week, I took a few days off doing some things I enjoy, since poker hadn't been going so well. I went to the mall for a little while one day and picked up some CDs and DVDs. I bought two best of albums, one by Green Day and one by Journey, both of which I still have to upload. The DVDs I bought were all "Saturday Night Live" DVDs, obviously. They were the best of Mike Myers, Phil Hartman, TV Funhouse, and the 80's. I now have a collection of sixteen SNL DVDs altogether.

Friday, during the day, my brother had no school for no legitimate reason. That was one of the things I always liked about Catholic School. We would often have random days off for selling magazines, visits from the Bishop, etc. So we both headed off to Showcase Cinemas to see a matinée viewing of Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell. I'm glad we paid the discount price because it was only semi-good. Will Ferrell's movie characters are all the same. Blades of Glory, Anchorman, and Semi-Pro, are all basically the same movie. He plays a middle-aged, slightly overweight white man who is a sex icon. At first it is amusing to see his protruding gut and prominent chest hair portrayed as sexually appealing. In the most recent movie, he performs a provocative rendition of his character's hit single "Love Me Sexy". It was funny the first time I saw Anchorman, but by now it has gotten a little redundant. Overall, I'd say the movie was mildly amusing and predictable.

This past week was pretty bad on the poker front. After cashing for $2,000 in last week's Sunday Million, I proceeded to have two days where I played a high volume, resulting in no major cashes over thirty plus tournaments. I had lost about $1200. Fortunately, all of that changed on Friday.

I was feeling pretty dejected about my lack of recent success. I was debating whether or not to play at all. I called up my friend Josh, considering driving up to Marist for the night. He told me that Saturday would be better, so I started playing at 7 PM with the $11 1 re-buy 1 add-on. It turned out to be for the better that I stayed home. I finished second in the $55 shorthanded tournament which had 136 entrants. I won over $1100 for that. I played well, but came into heads up at an 8 to 1 chip disadvantage, which proved to be an insurmountable lead. Later that night, I became the chip leader early in the final table of the $27.50 25k guarantee, (which I won last June, effectively proving to be the start of my career as a full-time player.) I was feeling good about my chances, and I was easily the best player at the table with seven players left. I got down to three handed, and lost a race with 99 vs AJ for the chip lead and finished third. That payed $3944. Overall on the night, I was up around $5,000.

The next day was Saturday and I took the day off. My mom came over and picked me up around 10:30 AM to go hang out at the house. I showed her a skit from last week's SNL with Ellen Page, where she comes home from a Melissa Etheridge concert. She was describing in detail her experiences with the all-female audience, and her boyfriend was worried that she had "gone lez" at the concert. I knew my mom would think it was funny because she is a big Melissa Etheridge fan, and has attended many concerts like the one described in the show. We got donuts and all hung out for a little while before my sister had to go to work, and my mom to an appointment. Everyone was excited to hear about my big win.

My sister brought me home on her way to work and I got ready and packed up to head out to Marist for the night. A bunch of us went out drinking and bowling. Apparently, an upward trend in the amount of beer you consume is reflected directly in a downward trend on the score board. However this proved to be no deterrent to betting on scores with Josh. He beat me two games in a row, and I was forced to give him beer and a small sum of cash, once the bar closed. After awhile, I was getting frustrated with my diminishing scores, and resorted to rolling two balls down the lane simultaneously. It was to no avail however, as I only managed to knock down one pin. As the bowling alley prepared to close, they shut off our lane in the middle of our last game, much to the ire of Josh, as he had money on it with one of his other friends. However he made sure to get vengeance by conveniently forgetting to return the shoes he rented for the evening. Hilarious.

Sunday I played a lot, including buying in directly to the Sunday Million, and only managing one cash for $230 in a $20 180 player SNG. It was another bad day. In fact, I was the first one out of the Sunday Hundred Grand. Technically I finished 19956th out of 20,000, but I was out on the first hand. Altogether on the day I lost about $700.

I was watching some PokerXFactor training videos, and saw that they have recently added a lecture on re-stealing. I touched on this in one of my recent posts, but this lecture gives a very technical analysis, including all the math required, and an equation you need to become comfortable estimating on the spot. Basically it says everything I was trying to say, but much more thoroughly. If you care to watch it, or watch any other videos at PXF, you can use my log-in after clicking the link below. You can log in as and the password is southrnctowl1. Click on Sheets - Reshoveaments: Analyzing Reraising from the Big Blind.

Restealing Lecture Link

Today I'm just kind of hanging around, taking care of some cleaning and other business I have been putting off, such as handling my phone new phone bill, this Jury Duty notice I got in the mail, and my income taxes. That's actually a complete lie, designed to make me sound more productive than I actually am. I intended to do those things, but haven't got around to them yet. Perhaps I will do them later tonight, but I will probably just put it off until tomorrow, and then I won't do it then either.

I'll share an interesting story about my phone bill before I go back to watching TV. Last month, I opened another line on my plan with an old phone that was lying around the house, so my brother could have a cell phone. Unbeknown to either of us, he didn't have the same texting plan I do, which allows me to send unlimited text messages to anyone on any network for $10 a month. His plan was 45 cents per text, received or sent, no matter what network they are sent to. He managed to rack up a hefty $60+ in text messages. I went down to the retailer to change this so that the bill wouldn't be so outrageous in the future. The gentleman who assisted us when we first added the line was there, and he was very nice about it. Not only did he change the plan but he gave me the customer service phone number as well. He instructed me to call them and say that I was supposed to have the unlimited texting plan all along, but that he made a mistake in not adding it in the first place. He said that they would most likely re-assess the bill and send me a new one. I thought that was a very kind and selfless gesture.

Tomorrow I hope to play a full schedule, so I will try to check in on Wednesday after that.

Until Then,

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