Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

I have played absolutely no poker for the past two days, and this will be three now! I took Monday off, after an atrocious Sunday, and was planning on playing on Tuesday. That plan quickly changed however. On Tuesday, I did all of the things I said was going to do on Monday. I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. I dusted in the living room, and took out the trash that was starting to overflow. I paid my phone bill, after getting it lowered when I called customer service. I even did my income taxes! It was a pretty productive day.

Also, I decided to become proactive about trying to get on TV. I googled "casting call" and found all kinds of things I could apply for. MTV had at least 20 shows they were casting for. I applied for maybe five of them, since not all of the applied to me. They were mostly dating shows, including "Shot at Love with Tila Tequila 2." That's the show I want to get on most. I also applied for a few other dating shows, including one which is a segment on TRL called "Music Match". It matches you with a date based solely on your taste in music or something.

There were a few you have to make videos for, such as 1 vs 100, Deal or No Deal, The Bachelorette, Real World 21, and Big Brother 10. (In fact, all CBS shows require a video).

That night I went up to UHart. Monday night I was talking to Eli about how I wanted to get on TV, and told him all about the applications I was going to make. I told him I was considering getting into acting, and maybe taking some classes. Eli has been involved with theater for awhile now, and is a member of the improv comedy group at his school, (who are hilarious, and putting on a show tonight that I am going to see.) He told me that he was directing a children's play through his school called "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse" and that he was having audition's Tuesday night. He said it would be a good way to get my feet wet and see if I liked it. So I went to give it a try. Also I think I was more comfortable auditioning with one of my friends.

So when I got there, we warmed up by doing this exercise called Wizbong. What you do is throw an invisible energy ball around the circle, if you throw it sideways to the person next to you you say "wiz". If you throw it across the circle, you say "whoosh". If the person you're passing it to puts their arms up in an X, and says bong, they are blocking it and passing it back to you. Then he threw in a few variations, where the person with the ball could call "Salad Bar" "Alfred Hitchcock" or "Zombie Attack". Salad Bar, everyone goes to the middle of the circle and selects some items from a salad bar, and brings them back to their spot. Alfred Hitchcock, you search frantically through all kinds or drawers and closets. Zombie Attack, you turn into a Zombie and meander over to the other side of the circle.

When we started auditions, we were reading from the script, everyone taking turns at different roles. There were about ten people there altogether. I'm not sure what the exact storyline is yet, but I know that it's about a family of mice and it's supposed to be really cute for the kids. I had fun with it and I think I'm going to keep it up, possibly participate in the show, and if I'm not selected at that, I'll take a beginner's acting class at the Hartford Stage or somewhere.

Before I run off home to dinner, I'll let you know that as I was writing this I already got a call from MTV!! The music match people asked me if I would be interested in doing something else. It's a VJ competition. Auditions are tomorrow and the next day. The lady told me to put together a personal story of heartbreak, since the competition is geared around a new movie coming out called "Forgetting Sarah Something-or-Other." (That's not the real movie title, I just couldn't remember the full name.) It's a comedy about heartbreak with a lot of the same people from Knocked Up and Superbad. So the VJ competition is this Monday. From what I gathered, you go on, tell your story of heartbreak, and the winner gets to go to the red carpet and interview all of the actors from the movie!! It's an all expenses paid trip. Auditions for the VJ contest are tomorrow and the next day, and the show in this Monday! OMG!!! That was fast! I'm really nervous now.

I had scheduled my Spring Break St. Patrick's Day party for this Friday. But now I might be in New York, and might have to re-schedule.

I gotta run now, but I'll keep you all updated on this crazy new adventure.

Until Then,

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