Thursday, January 31, 2008

SAKE and Basketball

I didn't get this up last night because I was really tired, but I didn't want to miss another entry, so I figured I would just do it first thing in the morning.

Yesterday was basketball day, so I didn't play (much) poker. I had plans to go to this restaurant on the Silas Deane with Ryan and some of his family. It's called Sake Hibachi or something like that. It's one of those Japanese places where the grill is on the table right in front of you and the cooks come out and make the food and entertain you. Our guy was funny, he was doing all these cool tricks spinning his cooking utensils around his fingers and such. The food was really good as well. It was a lot of fun and I'd like to go back sometime with a big group of people.

After that we went back to Ryan's and played a little Rock Band. He came back to my house because he wanted to come along to basketball practice. He brought along his 100,000+ song iTunes library, so I could get some of the songs I wanted. The one thing that sucked was the fact that my C Drive is now full, so I could only upload about 100 of the 500 songs I was going to get. I don't know what I'm going to do about that, but I'll take care of it later.

Next we went to basketball. I was kind of disappointed we only had five kids show up. We did some defense work, we went over the plays, and did another drill where I had them practice taking it in and running people over while trying to take the lay up, and draw the foul. Some kids weren't there who I wanted to participate in the drill, but maybe we will do it again next week. Not sure yet. Next week I think I am going to call everyone a few days before practice to make sure that they will be there. It's playoff time, and they need to know that it's one and done. If we lose it's over, so I think it's crucial to have everyone at practice so we can have the necessary chemistry in the post season.

After basketball, we came back and both played a little online. Ryan won a 45 player SNG, and I won a $10 omaha hi-lo 9 player SNG as well. In addition I played a $12 180 player SNG and busted 20 minutes in when QJ limp/called a 12+ BB push when I had KQ. Obviously I never had a chance. My heads up was a little volatile on the night. I started off losing three $55 matches in a row. So I did the responsible thing and moved up to try and quickly regain my losses. I won a $110 match, coming back from a 9 to 1 chip deficit. Altogether on the night I had a small loss, but it was pretty much an uneventful night.

Tonight I'm going home for dinner, so I'll check in after that.

Until then,

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