Thursday, January 31, 2008

Buster The Dragon

After I finished my blog this morning, I hung out around the house for a little while. I watched my shows, including a new live set that was on MHD, the hi-def music channel, featuring Keith Urban.

I played a little heads up and a $60 45 player sit-n-go. I basically didn't play a hand until the blinds hit 75-150. It folded to me in the small blind, and with 1100ish stack, and someone with the same amount of chips in the big, I pushed 5 6 off suit, and he made the call with 77. Oops, gg me. Altogether on the day I lost about $50.

After poker I went home for dinner. Jeff Corwin was on Conan last night, which inspired me to get a pet. Not a dog or a cat though, because you have to take care of those and walk/feed them. So after some discussion with my brother, we made our way down to Animal City. I was originally planning on getting a turtle. Also, I considered an iguana, but they were kind of mean and bite. So after some consideration, we decided with a bearded dragon.

That is what he looks like. His name is Buster. He is not a fire-breathing dragon, just a medium dragon. I like him because he requires almost no work. All I have to do is feed him every other day or so, and sift out his sand so it doesn't harden. Also he has these lights on top of his cage that he can sun bake in. I have to turn those on and off once a day.

I think we are going to be good friends because Buster is incredibly lazy, just like me. He literally does not move for several minutes to maybe an hour on end. If you were to sit and watch him, you would be so bored after like three minutes, because you're lucky if you get a blink out of him in that period of time. He really is completely motionless. That works out though, because if you want him to sit on your lap, or on my desk while I'm doing things, he will behave and not run away. He is completely harmless. I was getting a little irritated though at one point. He eats live crickets. So there is nine or ten crickets in his cage right now, and while we were at the house, he was sitting there doing nothing as usual when the crickets decided to have a little fun. They were literally walking all over him. They climbed up his legs and tail and were just hanging out on his head, and Buster wasn't doing a damned thing about it! This is supposed to be his prey, and they were literally walking on his face with their legs on his mouth and he was just allowing this. Very embarrassing if you ask me.

So I brought Buster back to the house, and showed him to the family. My mom was a little scared of him, but he is fine. I ate dinner and watched a little TV with the family. This 11 year old kid was on Don't Forget the Lyrics. He got the easiest songs in the world, like "Root root root for the home team, __ __ __ __ __ __ __ " and "ABC, its easy as __ __ __" Hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line for these no brainers, give me a break.

When I left my brother came with me to help me bring Buster's cage in because it was really heavy.

Tomorrow I'm going to UHart. I'm not sure where I'll stay, so I might not check in until Saturday.

Until then,

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