Monday, February 18, 2008

Busy Sunday

Yesterday was Sunday, I had a Sunday Million seat, and all I did was play poker. The schedule looked like this:

7 $22 180 player SNGs
12:00 PM $22 20k guarantee, $11 Deepstack
1:00 PM $22 NLHE, $109 15k guarantee
2:15 PM $22 1 rebuy 1 add-on, $3 rebuy 25k guarantee
2:45 PM $11 Triple Draw Lowball
3:00 PM $55 50k guarantee
3:30 PM $11 Sunday Hundred Grand, 100k guarantee
4:00 PM $11 re-buy 45k guarantee
4:30 PM $215 Sunday Million, 1 Million guarantee
5:00 PM $55 25k guarantee
7:00 PM $109 25k guarantee, $11 20k guarantee
7:15 PM $11 1 re-buy 1 add-on
8:00 PM $27.50 25k guarantee
8:15 PM $55 shorthanded
9:00 PM $22 re-buy
9:30 PM $55 50k guarantee
10:00 PM $16.50 NLHE

Whew! That's a lot of tournaments. Overall I played 27 tournaments, plus 3 satellites to the Sunday Million, hoping to win a Sunday Warm-up seat before registration closed for that, but to no avail. So 30, count 'em, THIRTY tournaments in one day. I ended around midnight, I think, so it was a pretty long day.

I had six cashes, which isn't bad for the volume I played. It's actually right at my ITM (in the money) expectancy, of 20%. I wound up losing maybe $80 or so on the day, so it wasn't a bad day, but not a good one either.

My first cash was in the $3 re-buy. What else is new? That tournament is such a donkfest. It's really a good tournament if you're a solid player on a short bankroll, because if you can restrict your buy-ins, and avoid going re-buy crazy, you can really have a good expectancy. I ended the re-buy period with around 10,000 in chips, which is about where I like to be. In the first level after re-buys ended, I picked up QQ and made a standard raise. The player to my immediate right pushed in for something like 8,000. It folded back to me and I obviously called. He showed A J offsuit. That's right, over 50 big blinds on A J off, thanks for the gift. Now I was well over 100 big blinds around 18,000 and I was able to cruise into the money with this stack, but busted shortly thereafter. That cash was only for about $20.

My next cash was one that I'm sort of proud of I guess. The Sunday Hundred Grand is such a sick, sick tournament. It gets exactly 20,000 entrants every week. It would get more but Pokerstars caps it at that point. It's an $11 buy-in, and it's $20,000 for first. How freaking crazy. I've never had much luck in that tournament up until now, partially due to the fact that it has 10 minute levels as opposed to 15, which really takes a lot of the play out. By the time I busted, the average stack was 10 big blinds, which is a move in stack. I finished 235th, the top 1%, for $120. In the end, I just let myself get too shortstacked. I wound up having to push three big blinds UTG with A 2 and got called by A 5. Normally I don't let myself get below 5 times the big blind. You need to keep this stack because you have to have fold equity when you do make your stand. When you get as low as I did, the big blind has the odds to call with any two cards, and then you only have one way to win the pot instead of two. I think I was a little distracted by my other tournaments going on, and I wasn't always paying attention to stack sizes, just auto folding bad hands, when I should have been moving in to steal more often than I did.

I also cashed for $188 in the $11 re-buy. I had a good re-buy hour, ending with 17,000 and everything was going well thereafter. I got down to the final 120 or so, of the 3400+ entrants, and wound up getting it in good, but getting knocked out on a bad beat. Oh well.

My friend Kevin that I know from a card club in Bristol knocked me out of the $55 25k. He raised from early position and I pushed all-in for about 12 big blinds with TT. He called with AK and won the flip. Now we are even though, because that's the second time we've been at the same table, and I knocked him out on my way to a satellite win last time.

I also finished 43rd of 460 or so in the $22 rebuy for $140 after spending the $60 minimum. My biggest cash of the day was in one of the $20 180s. I came into the final table at a close second place. However, five handed I lost a big coin flip with QQ vs AK. If I won that pot I would have easily made it to heads up and probably won. No one got knocked out for awhile, and I kept getting moved in on every time I opened a pot. Eventually I was out in fifth for $280 after making a questionable call with ace high for my tournament life. I got ridiculed but I really thought he was making a move, and I wanted to get back in it.

I watched the new episode of Rock of Love 2 and an episode of SNL I hadn't seen yet with Lebron James and Kanye West. It was pretty hilarious.

Tonight is the Foo Fighters concert, so tomorrow I'll tell you all about that.

Until Then,

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