Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Freakin' Foos

It's around noon Tuesday, and I just got back from the Foo Fighters Concert last night. Pat picked up Deef from the train station in New Haven around 4, we all met here after 5, and left for the DCU Center. We got there around 6:30. We had to go in a special door, and get a bracelet, since we had floor seats, VIP style.

Against Me! was the opening act. They were pretty good, kinda loud and screamish, but I liked them. It's different when you don't know any of the songs, but I just downloaded a few. They're going to be at Bonnaroo, so by then I will probably be more familiar with them, and be able to sing along.

So after Against Me! was supposed to be the Foo Fighters, and as the lights dimmed again, and the band took the stage, we all started cheering. They came out wearing top hats, and the lead singer, has shorter hair. I was thinking how peculiar this was, since that usually isn't their style. Then, they didn't open with "The Pretender" like I thought they would. They sounded really weird. Wait a second, this isn't the Foo Fighters. Who are these nobodies? The banner behind them said "Serj Tankian" and underneath that it said "Elect the Dead". He introduced his band as "The Flying Cunts of Chaos" or something stupid like that. Ryan recognized the guy from System of a Down. I guess he is somewhat well-known, but at the time I had no idea what was going on, and was getting a little impatient to just see the damn Foos already. They were a little to bizarre for my taste. The weird kids in front of us started moshing too, much to the ire of me and my friends.

So finally the Foo Fighters came out. They opened with this song I didn't know, but they played their single off their latest album, "The Pretender" next. After that they played my favorite song by them, "Learn To Fly." They also played, Everlong, Monkey Wrench, My Hero, All My Life, Times Like These, Skin and Bones, Long Road to Ruin, and played a three song encore including "The Best of You."

It was a great time, especially being so close, on the floor. There were two stages, the main stage, and on the other end of the floor, was a smaller one where they did an acoustic set. Connecting the two was a runway that divided the general admission floor in half. We were closer to the back stage, so we were a little ways back for most of the show, but really close during the acoustic part. When the lead singer, Dave Grohl, ran back in forth between the two, he was literally like ten feet in front of me. I got some good up-close pictures on my phone.

After the concert, I had agreed to give Eric a ride back to Fordham, since the trains don't run that late. I was getting pretty tired by the time I got down there, so I spent the night there since I didn't feel like driving back to Connecticut. I left a little before 10 AM this morning. I proceeded to find a parking ticket on my car, which I have no intention of paying. Sorry, State of New York.

I'm going to be kind of busy for the rest of the day, but tomorrow I will hopefully get in a full poker schedule. (No practice this week because of school vacation.) I might not check in tomorrow if the rest of today is boring, but if not, I'll tell you how my Wednesday goes. Hopefully I'll win something.

Until Then,

Artists added to iTunes (since adding a second hard drive):
? and the Mysterians
Against Me!
Alice Cooper
Barry Manilow
Barry White
Bone Crusher
Dexy's Midnight Runners
Dolly Parton
Don Henley
Earth, Wind, and Fire
George Thorogood
Gretchen Wilson
Iron Butterfly
Jackson 5
KC & the Sunshine Band
Kool & the Gang
Lou Reed
Matchbox 20
Natasha Bedingfield
The Offspring
Patty Smith
Public Enemy
Queens of the Stone Age
Quiet Riot
Randy Newman
Roberta Flack
Right Said Fred
The Shangri-La's
Sinead O'Connor
Steve Miller
Stone Temple Pilots
The Sugarhill Gang
System of a Down
Ted Nugent
Teddy Geiger
Twisted Sister
Van McCoy
The Village People
Young Bloodz

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