Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Day in the Black

As I write this, it is 10:30 AM on Tuesday, and I plan on going to bed after I wrap this up and watch Dr. Phil. I woke up last night after 8 PM. I got up and drove to the gym without eating anything. I hadn't gone for awhile, so I ran/power walked only about a mile and a half on the treadmill. I think it was the lack of eating combined with the exercise and hot lights of the tanning booth (yeah, that's right, I tan, wanna fight about it?) that caused me to feel very faint. I had to step out of the booth two minutes early and hurry downstairs and drink a Gatorade. The guy at the desk was a little nervous but I was fine after hydrating.

When I got home, I turned on Deal or No Deal and started playing. This moronic lady who at one point had to sell her engagement ring to pay the bills, made easily the stupidest no deal of history. She had three one million dollar cases, and maybe five or six non-million dollar cases. The offer was $266,000. However since she thought she was a princess, the banker told her he would double the offer to $524,000 if she kissed a bullfrog. Still not good enough for Miss Greedy McDumbass. God. She stubbornly no dealed it time after time until she was down to her last million dollar case (surprise, surprise) and settled for $160,000.

I started playing at 10. The schedule looked like this:

3 $22 180 player SNGs
1 $11 45 player SNG
10:00 PM $16.50 NLHE
10:15 PM $55 shorthanded
10:35 PM $3 rebuy Sunday Million satellite ($18 spent)
11:00 $33 NLHE
11:15 $11 shorthanded

The first tournament of mention would be one of the $22 180 player SNGs. I had about 17,000 chips with the blinds at 300-600. The top 18 players make the money, so with twenty players left, I made an aggressive play to abuse the money bubble. A player who had only a few less chips than me made a raise one off the button. I was in the small blind with 3s3d. Given the fact that he has a wide range of holdings, raising from late position, we are just about to make the money, and that I have a pocket pair, this is an easy reraise. He made it 1800 total, and I re-popped to 6600. He thought for awhile and only called, leaving himself with a stack less than the size of the pot. Now I am obviously committed to pushing all in regardless of what hits the flop. If he is getting cute with AA oh well, there are too many chips in the pot not to put the rest of them in.

The flop came 7d 10s Js. I pushed all in, hoping he had AK or AQ. Well he did, but it was the AsQs. Giving him two overs to the board, a gutterball, a flush draw, and in fact a royal flush draw. In this instance, even though I have the made hand, he has so many outs that he is actually the favorite. There were 17 cards that could give him the winning hand. (3 aces, 3 queens, 3 non-spade kings, and the eight remaining spades, [I have the 3s, remember]). The turn was the 8s, and I was crippled, and eliminated on the next hand. That's alright though, it was still the right play, and that's all you can do in poker.

I also cashed for $90 in the $55 shorthanded, finishing 24th of 202. In that tournament I played against bparis and GB2005, both very good online players who also made the money. I didn't stick around to see how they finished.

My second cash of the night was in a $22 180. I finished 13th. I lost some hand, I forget how just short of the money and was somewhat shortstacked. Fortunately, I had 3 or 4 players to my immediate left who were also short/medium stacked. It was very easy for me to move in on them and steal their blinds before we made the money. I did a good job of chipping back up, and was in good shape heading into the money, and the final two tables. There was this one player at my table who was donktastic. He would minraise with weak hands often. He wound up getting it all in with J 8 against KQ on a Q 6 3 flop. You read that right, no pair, no draw, no overs to the board, nothing. Just J 8 high. nh bud. So a few minutes later I was in the big blind with A 8 and 12,000 chips. The blinds were 400-800. He minraised to 1600, and I had an easy shove. He eventually folded. We tangled a bit after that when this hand came up. I had KK in the big blind, and he raised on the button to 2400. I pushed all in for 15,000 more, having him covered by about 2000. I didn't bother to flat call or make some stupid small re-raise because I knew he was getting frustrated with me, and I was likely to get a spite call. He thought for awhile and called with 10h7h. That's right, ten high for his tournament life. The results of the hand don't matter, all I will say is that happened with 13 players left, 9 make the final table. I did not make the final table. F'ing variance.

Also I won a $10 45 player SNG for $139. Those are pretty donktastic. I would play higher buy ins because there's not much money in the $10s, but the SNGs don't really fill up higher than the $10 level, unless you want to play the crapshoot turbos, which I do sometimes, but the standard blind structure allows for more play, and I like it better. There isn't much too analyze in this one. I'll tell you about a few of the gifts I got from the various donks. The third or fourth hand I raised in middle position with KQ off suit. Both blinds called. The pot was 180. The flop came down Q 4 Q. They both checked to me, and I bet out the size of the pot. I think this is a good bet because no one ever makes this bet with a queen. I feel like I will get a call from a good ace, any pocket pair, any four, and a worse queen. The small blind pushed all in for over 1200 more, and I called obviously. He had 89. gg sir.

I had another hand where some guy made a comment on the horrible play going on. A few hands later he minraised to 800 on my big blind. I had TT and shipped all in for 5500 more. He called immediately with AJ for over half his stack. Some horrible play indeed sir. There were also two hands where ppl moved in with hands like 56 and 67. No match for KK. Even the last hand of the tournament was a total gift. I had 8d4d. The flop was 8 5 3. He bet the minimum of 1200. I raised four times his bet to 4800 and he made the call. The turn was a K and he bet 6k, leaving 5300 behind. I put him all in and he called with Q 9. The ol' no pair no draw again. Ship that.

I also won a $3 rebuy satellite to the Sunday Million. I only made about $50 cash, but the ticket is worth $215, and with my 80% ROI, makes it's long-term value a little less than $400. So overall it was a good day on the virtual felt.

I stopped playing around 3 AM. I retired to the comfort of my recliner to watch the season premier of Flavor of Love 3 and the casting special on the DVR. I found it quite comical that Flav eliminated Dimes on the first show because she was a criminal justice major, and he feared going to jail for a fourth time. He professed that he didn't want "the feds in beds." LMAO. He kept this one loud-mouthed girl I don't like named Shy. He named her after something she's not. The twins, Thing 1 and Thing 2 (Named after the Cat in the Hat characters) are also kind of obnoxious. After that I banged out a few songs on the Rock Band drums and did quite well on medium difficulty.

I failed to mention this yesterday but I also watched the Grammy's. I'm sorry but I just don't understand the obsession with that crack head Bride-of-Frankenstein-lookalike Amy Winehouse. I just don't think she is that good, and she is quite the eyesore as well. Kanye did a cool performance. I also thought it was great that he told them that "It would be in good taste to turn off the music" as he was dedicating his award to his mother, who recently passed away. They were starting to play him off, but he told them to stop and they did. Classic. The Foo Fighters won an award and did a performance as well. I can't recall if I've told you yet or not, but I'm going to see them next Monday in Worcester. We have floor seats, it should be awesome.

This morning I brought Buster to the veterinary hospital in Bolton to a reptile specialist. She sent me home with a list of several things I can do to improve his health. Firstly she said to take the sand out of his tank and replace it with some AstroTurf. Apparently bearded dragons can eat the sand and it's bad for their digestive tract. Also, his tail is broken in two places. She informed me that this is due to a calcium deficiency. She suggested dusting his crickets with calcium powder before feeding them to him, and also feeding him some liquid calcium through a syringe, both of which she suppled me with.

In addition, she gave me some two separate medicines to feed him that I will only have to do for two days. They are for parasite removal. She checked him for worms first, and didn't find any, but she also said that she didn't get a good swab. I'm glad she gave them to me anyways though because my sister's friend purchased a snake at the pet store where I found Buster and the snake died of mites.

The veterinarian recommended giving him two baths in warm water per day, and feeding him these other two gooey substances that are just food, not any kind of medicine. I let him soak in the bathroom sink when I got home. It was quite amusing because he was repeatedly attempting to climb out of the sink, but to no avail. He couldn't because the walls of the sink are too smooth, thus he had no traction and just splashed around helplessly for a few minutes. It was an entertaining spectacle.

One last thing to mention. I was chatting with Will the other day and he informed me that he was planning on traveling to a music festival this summer in Manchester, Tennessee called Bonnaroo. It lasts for four days and features artists such as Pearl Jam, Metallica, OAR, Ben Folds, Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Jack Johnson, Jakob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Phil Lesh and Friends, The Allman Brothers Band, Against Me!, The Raconteurs, and many, many more. I think I am definitely going now that I know about it. I can't wait. Here is a link to the website, so you can check it out.


Tomorrow is basketball practice so we'll see how that goes and what the day brings.

Until then,

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